The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


I read the books a while back. The first 50 pages of the first book wowed me and the rest bored me. I can’t do love triangles without wanting to stab my eyes out. Sadly, as this is core to the second book, it ends up in the movie. They did well with what they had as far as that goes.

I really enjoyed seeing the other districts and the whole PTSD thing was intriguing. I think they should have gone a little more into the other victors and the game itself. They glossed over a lot of it in favor of walking through District 12 in the cold and being distant with one another.

A lot of people I know loved it and immediately wanted to watch it again. I’m not one of those, but it was enjoyable. I think it was better than the first (it would have gotten a 6, if I recall).