The Ratings


10 – Definitely one of the best movies of the year!

9 – Wow! That was really great.

8 – A solidly good film.

7 – Decent, but I won’t buy the DVD.

6 – It had some good parts.

5 – meh.

4 – I’m here for the popcorn only.

3 – A solidly bad film.

2 – I couldn’t imagine this thing being much worse.

1 – Worst garbage I’ve seen in years. Excuse me while I wash my brain with bleach.



The Characters


  Toni – Loves action films and Bert and Mt. Dew and sleeping and Frisbee and puppies.
  Bert– Music and movie buff, misses going to scary movies. Nominates popcorn as a candidate for the perfect food.
  Bad Idea Guy – An obsessive geek who thinks he has the perfect plan.
  Prof. Keygrip – Our friendly old professor friend who can help to explain the nuances of the average film.
  Equus Mortuus – A superhero who fights for creativity and inspired thought! This time, the dead horse beats others.
 felty Felty – An enthusiastic ticket agent puppet who has no idea he’s a corporate shill.